Reitaisai 9 – Reviews Part.1

Reitaisai 9 was being held two days ago, 29/5 2012. Last year, the Reitaisai had to be cancelled due to a very certain natural accident. Because of that, all the artists that were supposed to be attending at Reitaisai decided to give out their albums for free and instead said “donate the money you were going to buy our album with to help the people”. Faith in humanity, restored.

Anyway, Reitaisai 9. Judging from the list I saw, there would be a lot of delicious and amazing new albums from very promising circles, aswell as a couple of new circles that seemed very astonishing. So, I will start with the few albums I have listened to so far, which is not too many though. But remember, all I write here will be my own opinion and I will stay true to it. However, I will not review every album I listened to either. There’s just too many of them.

Techno, House, J-Core

A very generic album. Very “vanilla” so to say. I can’t seem to find anything I either like, nor dislike about the tracks in these albums. I find them very boring though, and I can’t seem to pick one to favorise. They’re all well made, a fine beat and good structure but that’s pretty much it. Vocals are decent at its best, though I will not make a statement about the lyrics until I’ve fully understood them. I did get a bit of what they were about though. 4/10

DDBY – Kirisame Drive
Blues, Fusion, Funk

Second album I’ve listened to. This is where things started to get really interesting. One can tell DDBY has a knack for this genre, seeing how they’ve been in the Touhou business for quite awhile. However, this album is just amazing. Overall, it has a very sweet and soothing aurora hovering above every track. Starting out with a very crispy song, catching ones attention from the very start and with astonishing quality. Every instrument is mastered just perfectly. This is an album which is a must to hear. 8/10.

Sound Online – Divine
Techno, Rock, J-Pop, Progressive

Sound Online brings out a very short album, consisting of three tracks. Six tracks in total, due to half of them being the instrumental versions aswell. Now then, what about the songs? All of them are mid-length ones, about 4:20 each except for the first track and I must say, I am extremely content with this album. It’s a very catchy and upbeat album. One can really tell Tsukasa is a very talented musician, not because of the amount of albums he alone has made (well, the majority at least. In some albums, there are a few songs that are arranged by others). Certainly, this must be one of the more well made albums Tsukasa has made so far, and I am confident to say this one will be very popular. The last track, 望の月、宵の宴 is amazing by the way. Despite of it being such a childish song, I can’t help it. It’s just so damn catchy. 7/10


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