Reitaisai 9 – Reviews Part.2

Yuuhi Satellite – 華鳥風月
Trance, House, J-Core

Another very short album. Yuuhei Satellite brings a small, but very delicious album consisting of two tracks (aswell as the instrumental versions) with astonishing result. First track could be neglected, it’s the second track that shines.  However, it is a good track despite of what I say. It just don’t fit my style, or my tastes. The second track however is an arrange of the godly Suwa Foughten Field, and it’s an amazing version of it. It does resemble Jericho’s version, however with vocals. This track is a must for those who likes trance and house. The only thing that could be improved is the vocals in the opening, I feel that it’s lacking a bit. Overall however are they very solid. 7/10 because of the song.

Liz Triangle – YURI-IRO ZUKAN
A one track album (and the instrumental version here again). An arrange of Byakuren’s theme now, Emotional Skyscraper which by the way is a great theme. I love it, despite of it being LONG AS FUCK! The song is arranged into Liz’s usual style, groovy and very upbeat together with lily-an on vocals. However, there’s a major difference now and that would be that the song is very childish and light. It has a soothing atmosphere around it. Almost like elevator music here, but a bit more groovy and lighthearted (is that even a word?). It’s good though, but nothing I am very fond of however it will go into my Liz Triangle playlist. It’s very relaxing. 6/10.

O-LIFE.JP – 東方妖々夢でメタルっぽい何か
Metal, Rock, Progressive

O-LIFE.JP brings out another speedmetal album, heavily influenced by the arranger S.S.H. from the style the songs are arranged. The sound is a fusion of IRON-ATTACK and SOUTH OF HEAVEN, very chunky and fast paced guitars with a very melodic lead aswell as keyboard. I don’t have very much to say about this album, however I do think that quite a lot of these songs were hastily made. There’s not much originality to the tracks, and some get quite repetitive after awhile. It’s not an album I would listen to a lot, even the solo’s sounds rushed at some points. Very generic speed/powermetal-ish. However, some of the tracks has golden riffs which definately is worth listening to. Apart from that, meh. 4½/10.

FELT – Stand Up
Rock, Pop

I’ve never been a too big fan of FELT, but I’ll review it anyway. I don’t find many of their tracks very attractive to my ears although I can tell that they are very well made ones. However, I just can’t simply seem to like the overall sound and mastering they have. BUT, there’s one thing that makes me listen to them. Vocals. Oh lord, the vocals they provide. I’ll masturbate to that shit, son. The vocals are top notch, and I hope they will always stay so. Cause that’s the only reason I listen to FELT every now and then. I’m sorry every FELT-fan, but it’s the truth. This album is just like any other FELT album I’ve listened to. I can’t seem to like any of their songs, except the very last track. Vocals on the other hand is top notch as usual. But overall, meh. Very well made songs but I can’t bring myself to like it. Forgive me, 5/10.


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