About “Firmament’s Trench”

A musical blog. Or rather, a music review blog.

In this blog, I will every now and then review arranged albums from the shooter game “Touhou”. In Japanese events, such as Comic Market which is held twice every year, a wide amount of different Touhou fanart aswell as arranged, or remixed versions of the music from the game is being created and listed for sale. This blog here, is where reviews of those albums will held and stored for anyone to read.

From now and then, albums with non-Touhou content will be reviewed aswell but notice this, most of the creators of that album will have done Touhou arranges before which is more or less why I review it. But do not despair, my judgment of that album with not falter just because of it. I am always fair to give credit when credit is due, and when it’s not…

I’d like you all to note that the reviews are totally from my own point of perspective, and is just there to create a metaphor despite being written as everyone agrees with me. My opinion is not what is written in stone, nor a law. It’s a guideline fused with fact and information to create an image to help you as a reader to come up with your own conclusion, or in short an opinion. My conclusions on this blog is set and can most of the time not be altered, however do not hesitate to discuss if you do not agree with my opinion. I am more than happy to learn of others opinions aswell.


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